About The Movement

Our motivation

Our Goddess Movement is an online sisterhood offering daily inspiration, wisdom and connection through the art of storytelling. Every week, we feature ordinary, EXTRAORDINARY women and share their lessons and stories. We believe that EVERY woman has a story to tell that can inspire and teach others. As we share lessons, we grow. As we see other women shine, it reminds us to do the same. Greatness is not just in some of us, it is in all of us.

Our Goddess Movement is about inspiring and teaching women to be fully themselves and honoring the Goddess within. Who better to learn from than our fellow sisters?  Each of us have unique talents and gifts. Each of us have learned lessons the hard way and have incredible knowledge to share. What if we banded together and chose to learn from one another instead of envy one another? What if we chose to support one another instead of pass judgement? What if we chose to take the lessons and love from our fellow sisters and nurture the power and beauty within ourselves? What if we all chose to shine together?

We believe women are the heartbeat of the community and when you can inspire women to be the most radiant and powerful versions of themselves, you can change the world.

You, as the Goddess you are, deserve to be celebrated, treasured, and honored.

You have something special in you and you have the ability to change the world.