Featured Goddesses

Crystal Melanson

Crystal Melanson is a great example of someone turning their struggles and health issues into opportunities for growth and transformation.

Sara Cummings

Sara Cummings is an incredible example of what it means to be strong even in the face of tragedy. After losing three babies, Sara struggled to be hopeful.

Olivia Stanzer

Dr. Olivia Stanzer is an incredible physical therapist that specializes in women’s health and pelvic floor rehabilitation.

Lindsay Roselle

Women can do anything they put their minds to, and Lindsay Roselle is a perfect example of this. She is an incredible business woman.

Betsy Henry

Betsy had to discover her own way of parenting and approaching life. In doing so, she has helped other people find their own sense of zen.

Blakesley Egan

Rather than allowing her scars to hold her back, Blakesley has decided to instead let them tell the story of her triumph and courage.

Hope Hartman

Hope puts the “boss” in “bosslady.” We love her incredible business acumen, her intelligence and her wisdom when it comes to dealing with people.

Melissa Hemphill

Melissa’s unexpected pregnancy meant that she had some difficult decisions to make regarding her future in a system that prohibits dependents.

Kiersten Tarvainen

From being a Firefighter, to having three children, to driving a Fire Engine. Kiersten has courageously blazed her own trail and embodies true courage and strength.

Esther Hansen

Esther takes the whole person into account when helping people be as healthy as possible. She focuses on both physiology AND psychology to transform their relationship with food.

Brittany Munsch

It’s obvious that Brittany is intelligent, capable, and driven, but her true excellence lies in her desire to achieve the greatest customer satisfaction and experience.

Maila Rider

Maila’s life has had some unusual twists and turns, and she has handled them all with a grace and maturity that is beyond her years. She exemplifies courage.


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