Sex and the Modern Goddess

How does the modern day Goddess embrace her sexuality with zero shame or guilt? How does the modern day Goddess own her power and her pleasure?

The Five Stages Of Intimacy

Passion, intimacy, love, infatuation, excitement and…dishes. Wait, what? What do dishes have to do with passion and love? A lot, it turns out.

How to Worry a Little Less

From the very inspiring Zen Mama . . . The other day a friend said to me, “Ok, you’ve told me to stop worrying…now tell me how to do it.” I’ve pondered it over the last two weeks and thought about the times worry really entered my life. I’m not a worrier by nature....

8 Essential Ingredients for a Long Lasting Relationship

We have compiled Debi Kennison's best tips for a long lasting relationship. After 30+ years of marriage, she certainly has learned a thing or two. What we admire most about her relationship with her husband is the the deep love they share for one another and their...

Let Me Hear Your Body Talk

Most people are so disconnected from their own bodies that the only time we seem to pay attention is when the body has a breakdown.

What is Self Care?

Self-care is intended to ease anxiety, reduce stress, and improve our moods. It is also key to maintaining good relationships with oneself and others.


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